Adelaide born artist Rosalee K has had a successful career in art photography creating children's images for calendars and cards on an international scale before transitioning to abstract works.

Now after 4 years of creating unique and beautiful paintings for clients homes in Australia, Rosalee’s custom artworks are now being introduced onto Cushions and Fabric, selling locally and to the USA. Her artworks are digitally printed onto high quality fabric, whether it be for curtains, sofas, clothing or cushions which are hand made by a team of expert seamstress’s in Sydney Australia.

Rosalee continues to try new mediums. She has just recently introduced her flare for colour onto hand painted silk scarves and has taken her love of blending and shading to new depths with these exclusive one off original pieces.

Each of her paintings, whether it be on canvas, cushions, fabric or scarves, are all truly unique, which brings a refreshing change to the world of mass production.